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Top Web Design and UI Trends for 2022

What web design trends will dominate 2022? What styles and techniques should you get familiar with so that your creations are fresh and modern throughout the year?

Design trends can shape everything from how designers create to user interface design to future iterations of everything from websites to package design. They can also zoom in or fade out quickly, making it important to pay attention to what’s trending now so that you don’t end up with a design that falls out of style quickly.


Let’s dive into some of the top web design trends for 2022. We’ll look at trends that began to emerge in late 2021 and are definite candidates for setting the stage in the upcoming year, as well as a few trending designs that are on the cusp of popularity.

Funky shapes, color, and even faces can make for a lot of fun. Designers are using the web design trend with fun, optimistic designs for everything from portfolio sites — such as the example above — to e-commerce. The common thread with these designs is that they inject a little extra happiness into the world.

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webist designs

Positive Design
Nothing says optimism like a smiling face. The right imagery is an easy way to portray this vibe and take advantage of this website design trend. Pay attention to photography and overall imagery and look for faces that connect with the virtual audience, such as the example above from LegalSuper.

Top Web Design and UI Trends for 2022
After the past few years of living through a worldwide health pandemic, designers are adding a little extra fun and spunk into design projects. It’s just the feeling we all need about now.

Fun and optimism are injected with imagery that features faces, lighter typefaces and interesting fonts, and color that exudes positive emotions. To make the most of the trend, think about elements that are somewhat lighter and avoid heavy fonts or color choices.

webist designs

FOFSO does it with language on the homepage as well as intense but happy faces staring at the camera with bright clothing and an interesting backgrou

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